ENTP, worker, loafer, knitter, UCC, liberal democrat. I drank the Obama kool-aid and it was good! fiber arts fanatic, love to talk, love to walk, like yoga, tai-chi yang style 108 moves, Joan Armatrading, Blind Boys of Alabama, and Johnny Cash. Haunted by my attraction to bread and chocolates. Looking for joy, structure, purpose, balance and a life less ordinary.


Karen Harlacher says: 11 October 2008 - 1:54 am

WOW! I want to hang out with you!

I was just thinking about maybe doing a blog –(I think about doing a lot of things but don’t always know or have the resources to begin -oh little voice in my head saying “bingo” there’s a belief you have to tap out! All resources will come to me is I’m not afraid to ask. So how did you learn to make a blog? Where did you get the great graphics?
Wow, just read your “about” how good of you to have that all hewned down and sounding so good. I have a secret fantasy/ fear that I’m going to be a Yoga teacher, but I don’t want to have to learn. I want to just do what I call my stretching – free form (I’m finding that I have a long standing resentment of being told what to do as I become more and more aware of my flashes of feeling and responses). What’s wrong with learning? I actually thought about signig up for the Silver Spring Township Yoga class I saw in the new newsletter.
I am mother of a 3 year old, thought I would never have kids, don’t want to grow up, used to think of myself as mary poppins meets the Sex Pistols and Martha Stewart, now I’m not sure. I’m sporadically anal. Never heard of yang style or 108 moves. former BOWIE super fan, Like Johnny Cash – Wall of Voodo cover of Ring of Fire. Love comcast chanels 433 “space music” , 416 – Retro Active, and 441 Light classical. What is ENTP (should I know that ?) Newly liberalized Democrat, trying to decide if I have the guts to carve an Obama logo on a pumpkin and sit it out front on trick or treat night . . . but my parents are HUGE Laura and George lovin’ Republicans and because I owe them a great deal, I ‘m afraid to be someone they wouldn’t approve of. I love to organize cupboards, clostes etc. and re-arrange rooms. I knitted while I was pregnant and now don’t seem to be drawn to it though I made a slipper on vacation this summer. LOVE dough – raw cookie dough, pie crust etc. Used to think about being a caterer or having a bread and breakfast. Been back in PA about 6 years now (wow!) formerly lived in Portsmouth NH, across the Piscatequa (?sp) from the great state of Maine “The Way Life Should Be” (you’d think Martha herslef came up with that slogan!) Gee, I’m doing a brain dump at your expense, hope that is not selfish of me I should put this in my new affirmation tape I’m hoping to get done some day soon. I’m very affirmation dependant when I’m trying to push through an issue. I have to stop collecting sometimes and make the action plan based on current information. So thanks for engaging my brain with your eye pleasing banner.

Do you know those candy hearts I just saw in the bottom right corner are made by the Necco Wafer company in Mass. and they will put customized messages on (or they used to offer that) .

Alice says: 3 November 2008 - 2:38 pm

Hey, Karen, thanks for the visit. I am recovered from my daughter’s wedding and have put my feet on the ground again. My daughters were shocked at how much we write alike. Soul sisters perhaps?

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